Friday, July 3, 2009


This is a test blog entry. Today I hung out with my awesome friend Christina. She's awesome. We watched some anime that was too slow and predictable for her. I liked it though. Now she's blogging about purses next to me. We're listening to Tegan and Sara. It's a song from an album she doesn't think I have.

Here is a picture of a kitten. I now know how to upload images. Isn't that useful?

Christina says I should blog about why I am blogging. That is WAAAAY too meta for me, man. Instead, I'll talk about pie. I had some pie today. It was tasty. It was this banana cream pie. I keep bugging Christina about how to blog. I wonder if it will force her to put random words I'm saying into her blog by accident. I can't get my laptop to prop up any farther on my body than my ribs. Maybe I should sit up. Naaaah, that'd be too obvious. But instead that means I must wrap this up or something. How lame. Oh well, end of post. Bai!

PS this is me and my awesome friend Christina. Yay!


  1. How's about a deal. I comment on your blog, you comment on mine. Punk! I'm glad to see you're starting one of these - they are useful places to put things. Like stories, or thoughts Re:Pie


  2. Hey man, welcome back to the blogosphere! (I promise I don't actually take that term seriously)

    So Thunderbird still thinks this blog is named "Picture of the Day", but I guess that's better than "TEMPORARY BLOG NAME" anyways. How are things going these days? A tip, if you're short on words: you should blog about the various media you consume (shows, anime, music, games, porn, movies, etc), and about ideas that you have. You know the kinds of ideas that you have that seem like great ideas to you, but if you tell them to somebody who is in the same physical room as you, they tell you it's a bad idea? That's the kind of ideas that blogs are for!

    My blog is Lets do this together!

    ("Lets do this together" actually just means "please comment on my blog also" but I didn't wanna rip off Azeltir)

  3. How about Lingonbloggy for a name? No, I didn't think so.

  4. And where can I read Christina's blog about purses?