Friday, July 3, 2009


This is a test blog entry. Today I hung out with my awesome friend Christina. She's awesome. We watched some anime that was too slow and predictable for her. I liked it though. Now she's blogging about purses next to me. We're listening to Tegan and Sara. It's a song from an album she doesn't think I have.

Here is a picture of a kitten. I now know how to upload images. Isn't that useful?

Christina says I should blog about why I am blogging. That is WAAAAY too meta for me, man. Instead, I'll talk about pie. I had some pie today. It was tasty. It was this banana cream pie. I keep bugging Christina about how to blog. I wonder if it will force her to put random words I'm saying into her blog by accident. I can't get my laptop to prop up any farther on my body than my ribs. Maybe I should sit up. Naaaah, that'd be too obvious. But instead that means I must wrap this up or something. How lame. Oh well, end of post. Bai!

PS this is me and my awesome friend Christina. Yay!